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Master of Science Degree in Medical Biotechnology

The Master of Science in Medical Biotechnology (henceforth referred to as Master) trains graduates to acquire a thorough knowledge of the molecular, cellular and genetic aspects of prokaryotes and eukaryotes, of the structure and function of biological macromolecules, and of the cellular processes in which they are involved. The Master provides skills on the basic pathological processes of humans and animals, on their cellular and molecular pathogenesis, as well as expertise on congenital or acquired pathological situations of biotechnological interest. Graduates will also learn 1) to recognize the interactions between microorganisms and human or animal organisms through specific diagnostic tests 2) to handle the bioinformatics tools to inquire databases 3) the current bioethical issues.
The master is organized in two curricular areas (human and veterinary) to better focus on the specific biotechnological applications to human or animal health. A significant number of credits is reserved to internship and preparation of the Thesis Degree (final test).
As of the academic year 2015/2016, the Master in Medical Biotechnology is offered in two parallel sections:
-       in section 1, Italian language is used in all didactic activities
-       in section 2, English language is used in all didactic activities
 Students are free to choose the preferred section.
The goals we aim for are:
1) in the long term, to generate an international Master Course, enriched by non-Italian students and professors; 2) to offer a strong competitive advantage to all Italian students: at the end of the courses, they will have learned to  read, write and communicate in the scientific English language commonly used worldwide by medical biotechnologists.

Admission to the Master Course

Admission depends on the Bachelor degree and on the credits acquired in the main biological disciplines.


The Master is offered by the Department of Molecular Medicine and Medical Biotechnology and is managed by the Commission of Teaching Coordination, which includes all the professors working in the Master. The current Coordinator is Prof.ssa G. Condorelli (gerolama.condorelli@unina.it).


Cycle and elective course coordinators:

 1 year – first semester: Prof. Massimo Mallardo

 1 year – second semester: Prof. Felice Amato

 2nd year – first semester: Prof. Stefano D'Errico

 2nd year – second semester: Prof. Rosamarina Melillo

 Elective Courses Coordinator: Barbara Lombardo